Part 1 of a 3-part Article, excerpted from my forthcoming
LoveLife! book series
By Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard
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by Sage Taylor Kingsley 2/1/09

Sage's channeled message about soulmates, 10/15/08:

"The first thing you must do to find your soulmate, is to find his or her qualities within yourself. You've got to become your own soulmate, first and foremost, and stop looking for a love outside of you to fulfill you. You've got to love yourself, your life, and Spirit unconditionally, passionately and joyfully. You've got to find the love of your life by finding the love IN your life. When you can wake up smiling, thanking God for another day to be here, in the service of love, when you know, deep down, that you are already whole and complete, when you know that you are never truly alone, you are ready."

"Trust that there is a soulmate right now, here on Earth, with whom you can cocreate a love more wondrous than your greatest vision of love, more harmonious and joyous than you can imagine. Trust that you deserve this. Soulmate love is your birthright. Anything less serves only to distract you from your truth, your purpose. Know it, feel it, be itÉ By living the love you desire, you will radiantly attract others living life at this level. You and your soulmate will send a soul call out to each other, not to complete but to celebrate the miracle of life and love and Spirit together, two infinite flames ready to dance in love's infinite embrace, lighting the world, together."

Below is Part 1 of a 3-part article about soulmate love. Following the article, you will find extensive resources for conscious singles and couples desiring soulmate love and sacred partnership.

Finding a soulmate is an extremely popular goal for today's singles. A special national survey by the Gallup Organization, polling young adults in their twenties, found that young singles today are looking for a spouse who will be their soul mate for life. According to "The State of Our Unions 2001," The National Marriage Project, Rutgers University, this first large-scale poll to look at attitudes about dating and marriage among people ages 20-29, reported that 94% of singles agreed that ÒWhen you marry, you want your spouse to be your soul mate, first and foremost." And 88% agreed that "There is a special person, a soul mate, waiting for you somewhere out there."

I think it's wonderful to have high standards, to be willing to wait or date until you find a soulmate. But the term soulmate has been bantered about so often recently, it has become a buzzword devoid of real meaning.

So let us explore the soulmate concept beyond sound bytes and trendy websites. In this article, we will define soulmate with both contemporary and classical definitions, identify the three types of soulmates and common relationship dynamics for each, and determine which soulmates make the best romantic relationships. Finally, if you are in a relationship, you will get to take the quiz "Am I with My Soulmate?" and discover your Love Mission.

First of all, what exactly is a soulmate? What most people mean by it today is: Soulmate: a person with whom you feel a deep spiritual affinity, a remarkable and rare communion and recognition of souls.

Commonly, with a soulmate there is a powerful sense that you have known each other before, as when my husband and I deliriously jumped up and down, mutually shouting "Oh my God! It's you again!" I believe in reincarnation, basing this not only on some ethereal philosophy, but on my own life-transforming personal experience and that of many clients who have found their soulmates or undergone hypnotic past-life regression and recalled and healed patterns from a former life. Even if you do not believe in reincarnation, or are not sure about it, you can apply the concept of soulmates in a way that works for you.

This recognition aspect can also be understood mythologically by reviewing the original Greek myth, which birthed the concept, giving us the classical definition of soulmate. In Plato's Symposium, Aristophanes presented the following story:

In the beginning were three parents: Sun, Earth and Moon. Each produced an offspring. From Sun came man, from Earth came woman, from Moon came androgyne. Each offspring was a double, having one head with two faces looking in opposite directions, four arms, four legs, and two sets of genitalia. They rolled-ran over the earth with great speed.

One day, these bold creatures decided to scale Mt. Olympus and attack the gods. To punish them, Zeus decided to cut them in half so they would be half as strong, half as fast. So he cut the man-man, woman-woman, and man-woman beings in half. Apollo made repairs such as turning the other face to face inward. The half creatures began to frantically search for their missing halves but were unable to join until Zeus mercifully directed Apollo to arrange the genitals so the beings could reunite sexually and create offspring in this unusual way.

Ever since, those beings who had once been man-man search for a man, the woman-woman beings look for a woman, and the man-woman creatures seek the opposite gender, not only for sexual pleasure but to become whole again by reuniting with their soul mates. (Adapted from N.S. Gill's "Soul Mates,";; and Scott Buchanan, ed., "Plato's Symposium," The Portable Plato, (Penguin Books, NY, 1948), pp. 146-148.)

The concept that there is only one person with whom we can find happiness in love has become perhaps the most popular romantic notion worldwide and has inspired numerous movies, songs and poems. Yet I believe the soulmate concept can do more harm than good when people use it to justify staying with an inappropriate partner ("But we're soulmates!") or to avoid intimacy ("He or she isn't The One.")

Some say Aristophanes was only half serious about the soulmate story, as he presented it after all the participants at the Symposium ("drinking party") were asked to philosophize about love. Serious or not, his story obviously has touched a chord in millions of hearts for thousands of years.
Speaking as someone who is, beyond a doubt, reunited with my soulmate, I know there is such a thing. However, I also believe one can be happy with more than one person; there is not a sole mate soulmate. And it is crucial to keep the concept of finding one's soulmate in a practical context and to consider compatibility on many levels. Therefore let us now explore the soulmate concept with a perspective both spiritual and practical.

One common concept is that soulmates travel together as a soul group, that you choose the people you will encounter this lifetime according to the lessons you have to learn. You may have soulmates who are friends, family, business partners or lovers as well as long-term romantic partners.

But some soulmate relationships are easy, joyous and harmonious while others are intensely painful. Many of my workshop participants lament, "I met my soulmate but it didn't work out. Why?" This is because there are three different kinds of soulmates.

In Part 2 of this article, we will explore the three types of soulmates in detail.

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