“There is a light that shines
beyond all things on Earth…
Beyond the very highest heavens.
This is the light that shines in our heart.”
- Chandogya Upanishad 3.13.7

Heart Meditations
for Greater Self-Love
and Your Joyous Love (of) Life

The HeartLight Meditation
& the Heart Chakra



"I love these love meditations so much! I've been listening to The Heartlight Meditation every morning as my alarm clock (programmed it into my IPod) and I can feel a huge improvement in how positive I feel all day long when I listen to it.

"The Unconditional Self-Love Meditation and Radical Self-Love Workbook are wonderful tools that have helped me create many positive changes in my life. I would say I feel 300% more positive about myself, and more focused on my own inner peace and happiness. What a shift!

"I love doing my yoga to the HLM and do so daily. It makes my yoga routine much more fun and full of love and body consciousness. These are powerful meditation experiences, beautifully done, and I am so grateful for them in my life." ~ M.B.


New Scientific Research Documents the Power of Heart Meditation

The Institute of Heart Math, a research organization dedicated to studying and scientifically measuring the heart field and its effect on health, emotions and consciousness, recently found that the amplitude of energy waves emitted from the heart (heartwaves) is 60 times higher than the amplitude of brain waves.

What’s more, researchers discovered that the electromagnetic field given off by the heart is actually 5,000 times greater than the brain emanates! The Institute of Heart Math recommends daily breathing with attention on the heart as the most effective way to cultivate more joy and peace ever found.

Perhaps this is why throughout human history, in every culture, we have been advised over and over to “Follow your heart,” “Let your heart guide you,” and "Live from the heart."

And now, for the first time, transformational resources are available that will empower you, enlighten you and enhearten you, to live more and more in this vibration of love:
The HeartLight Meditation™ (HLM),
The Unconditional Self-Love Meditation™, and
The Radical Self-Love Workbook.

Carl Jung related a story that some Native American elders told him they could understand why most contemporary people in our culture are so lost and in so much pain, because they listen to their heads, not their hearts.

“Your vision will become clear only when you
look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens."
~ Carl Jung

Author, clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and self-love and meditation expert Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, CHT, RM, explains the genesis of these Body-Mind-Heart-Spirit resources:

"I have been in the field of personal growth and holistic healing for 30 years. Kaiser Permanente hired me to research meditation methods from all over the world and to create and teach East-West Multicultural Meditation for Busy People through classes and in-service retreats for staff.

"As a personal growth workshop facilitator, hypnotherapist and intuitive transformational life coach specializing in love and spirituality, I have shared many of these meditation techniques with hundreds of students over the past 16 years.

"And I can say without any hesitation whatsoever that, my personal and professional experience fully echoes the findings of The Institute of Heart Math. Of all the hundreds of meditation techniques available to choose from, the one that most immediately and profoundly improves the quality of joy and love in your life is The HeartLight Meditation™."

Inspired by Eastern meditations including yoga and the Buddhist Metta meditation, and integrating creative visualization, mind-body healing, and special breathing practices to deepen your meditative experience, the HLM catalyzes a beautiful shift in consciousness - a return to the love that is your true being - like no other meditation experience.

You now have the opportunity to purchase The HeartLight Meditation™ as an MP3 you can download instantly, or a CD, or as part of the acclaimed Radical Self-Love Kit, to bring more heartful awareness and divine love into your heart ~ and your life ~ today.



"The HeartLight Meditation is the ultimate Instant Attitude Adjuster!" ~ M.G.

"Wonderful meditations! Sage, your voice is so soothing and perfect for these meditations. I just resonate with you so much and happily go with you on the journey. Thank you for these life-changing, love-enhancing meditations!" ~ C.C.

"My kids enjoy listening to the Heartlight Meditation to fall asleep to at night. It's really a wonderful tool for family harmony, too, and we all listen to it to reconnect in the vibration of love: myself and my husband, individually and as a couple, and also with the children as a family.

"I highly recommend this meditation program and love how it helps us be in love together! ~ S.W.



The Heartlight and Unconditional Self-Love Meditations:

For a limited time, both of Sage's heart-opening guided meditations are sold together, so order now to get

Two life-changing audios for the price of one!

These audio programs are highly recommended supplements to The Radical Self-Love Workbook and are required curriculae for all LoveLife! trainings, individual self-love healing programs and private coaching with Sage.

The Heartlight Meditation™ - 11 mins.

Deepens emotional healing, cultivates joy and inner peace through focusing on your heart center, breathing love in and out -- and returning you to love, more and more in each moment.


The Heartlight Meditation helps you:

  • Fill your heart chakra (emotional center)
    with love and light
  • Process "stuck" emotions so you move through them, and naturally return to joy, peace and deep inner contentment
  • Rely on the wisdom of your Higher Heart, your heart's deep knowingness, to guide you throughout your day
  • Heal and open your heart so you can connect more fully and harmoniously in all your relationships
  • Breathe more deeply, fully and naturally
  • Feel a gentle love for yourself and others,
    no matter what, a love that embraces you and
    radiates forth from you, blessing the world!
  • Remember the love you truly ARE.


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The HeartLight Meditation™ TODAY
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Unconditional Self-Love™.

The HeartLight Meditation™
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Unconditional Self-Love Meditation™
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Six (6) Great Ways to Use This Amazing
Heart Meditation

The HeartLight Meditation™ will change your life in ways more wonderful than you can even imagine right now, especially if you listen to it on a daily or near-daily basis. Here are a number of techniques for optimizing your use of this chakric, tantric and mind-body-spirit reSource:

1) The HeartLight Meditation™ is a beautiful way to start your day! Some listeners have even made this their alarm clock. ☺ This strengthens your connection with Source and infinite Love, and really puts a smile on your face and aligns you with your best intentions for your day.

2) In addition to listening to HLM with eyes closed, sitting or lying quietly, you can also play the meditation in the background while doing yoga or any body-honoring stretches or self-massage. The heart energy from the meditation helps you bring love and healing energy into every cell, while deepening your appreciation for your own body.

3) The HLM serves as a deLIGHTful way to unwind and end your day and will help you integrate your life experience with an attitude of gratitude, gently easing you into peaceful dreamtime.

4) Listen to The HeartLight Meditation™ anytime you want to remember the LOVE you ARE.



"The Radical Self-Love Book is awesome. Awe-inspiring. And the HeartLight and Self-Love Meditations are deeply opening me to new love. I can feel that I am listening to my heart, my higher self, so much more now. Wow!" ~ C.P.

"We love the HeartLight Meditation and self-love program and listen to them regularly to stay connected. Our relationship was very strained, full of a lot of drama and disconnection. We were on the verge of breaking up, over and over, then we started working with Sage for relationship coaching.

"Sage shared many techniques to help us heal and open our hearts to one another, including these meditations and the Radical Self-Love Workbook. Her programs work!

"To say that our relationship has improved would be a vast understatement. And we just got engaged! Thank you, so much, Sage, for helping us save our relationship and go deeper and higher than ever!" ~ T.S. & M.L.

"I fell in love with my true self! Wow." ~ S.N.


Special Applications for Conscious Loving Relationships: Sage is a sacred relationships expert and coach, married to her Twin Flame Soulmate for 12 years, and has infused intention and energy for manifesting higher love into this audio, for all listeners who are ready to receive this blessing!

5) For Couples:
Use the meditation as a tantric energetic harmonization with your partner by listening to it together, gazing into one another's eyes, perhaps holding hands, or touching one another's heart chakras. You then run the energy of love, heart to heart and soul to soul, in an ever-expanding circle of higher love. This meditation practice deepens intimacy and full heart connection with your partner!

6) For Singles:
If you want to manifest your soulmate (the love partner who is your ideal match and lifemate), use HLM as a Law of Attraction visualization aid. While the audio is playing, imagine your sacred partner is here with you, and you are enjoying a wonderful love together! Send a soul cord out through your heart chakra via your heartlight to touch and dance with the heartlight of your sacred partner, who is on the way to you and energetically already here, loving you, one in love with you, the Beloved.

Powerful, Heartful Attunement to Love in Just 11 Minutes a Day!

"I lead people in a longer version of this essential meditation at my workshops and private sessions. At first, I released this as a longer meditation but my clients and students all told me, 'Sage, I just LOVE that Heartlight Meditation™ so much. I notice how much better I feel when I listen to it, it's like night and day. But I just don't have time to meditate for 45 minutes every day! Is there any way you can make a shorter one so I can fit it into my life more regularly?'

"So, in response to that popular request, I designed this audio to be short and sweet -- so it’s easy to fit into your busy day, while empowering you and creating positive change from deep within, attuning you to love.

"The HeartLight Meditation™ is THE ESSENTIAL meditation I recommend to everyone, at any age, whatever their spiritual practice or religion, because it universally helps you cultivate, not only mindfulness, but heartfulness, so you live your life from the heart, full of love, peace and joy."

Unconditional Self-Love Meditation™ - 29 mins.
a.k.a. How Can I Love Myself More?

This self-love meditation helps you tap into your own inner guidance to discover how to love yourself and your life more fully and joyfully.


  • Increases self-love and self-care
  • Reduces self-judgment and negative thinking; boosts a sense of deservingness, self-worth and self-esteem
  • Improves motivation for making healthy choices such as healthy eating, exercise and listening to your body
  • Helps you express yourself and set appropriate boundaries, essential for joyous relationships
  • Enhances intuition and connection with Spirit
  • Provides deep relaxation
  • Facilitates inner peace and wellbeing
  • Helps you visualize, align with and create your best life, from the inside out!
  • When used in conjunction with the exercises in Chapter 2 of The Radical Self-Love Workbook, this meditation serves as a centering exercise for creating your personalized “menu” of Self-Loving Acts (p. 32), and committing to more self-love through your Promise to Myself (p. 35).


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Unconditional Self-Love™.

The HeartLight Meditation™
~ Value $45.00
Unconditional Self-Love Meditation™
~ Value $52.97
Total Value: $97.00
Your Price Today = Only $29.97
for BOTH meditations as MP3's.
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The Radical Self-Love Kit!
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2 audio meditations plus empowering self-love course/action guide
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Before you embark on any path ask the question:
Does this path have a heart?
- Shaman Don Juan, via Carlos Castaneda

You do not make yourself love.
You allow love to enter.
- James Redfield

Listen to your heart now.
Allow yourself the gift of
more love in your life,
more light in your heart,
more joy in your soul!

Treasure Yourself!

Archangel Michael Channel SAGE is an Intuitive Abundance, Life Purpose & Business Acceleration Coach, internationally acclaimed author, spiritual teacher and dynamic speaker specializing in helping Lightworkers and women make more money by making a much bigger difference (and vice-versa!).

The creatrix of the “Prosperous Goddess” program, Sage has helped thousands worldwide leap into more joy, more love, more freedom and more abundance.

SAGE’s first book, The Radical Self-Love Workbook, is now in 9 countries. SAGE has been featured at many venues including radio, television and has shared the stage with T. Harv Eker and Marianne Williamson at Peak Potentials. Sage is also a clinical hypnotherapist, Third-Degree Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, ordained interfaith minister, mystic poet, and soul healer via Intuitive Angelic Miracle Healing (I AM Healing™) & Omnidimensional Healing Modality™ (OHM), both of which were channeled through her. She is currently the ONLY provider of these exponentially powerful healing methods on the planet.

She has been repeatedly accused of being a transformation CATALYST who will stop at nothing to help her clients get clear and in gear for their best lives - their blessed lives, so frankly, you should only work with her if you are ready to move some energy and get unstuck FAST! (You have been warned ☺)

Sage is also the creator/channel for the PsyCAM™ - Psychic Chakra Aura Map, the comprehensive soul intuitive reading that is a clear, empowering blueprint for improving every area of your life, as well as the Aligning with Abundance™ reprogramming audio. After overcoming bankruptcy, disability and homelessness, SAGE joyfully earns six figures doing what she loves while enjoying her 2 children, her Husky rescue dog, and an indescribably wonderful marriage with her Twin Flame soulmate near Sacramento, CA.

Look, let's save you some time. SAGE's credentials can go on for pages and pages, so... Since she and AAM are known more for levity than brevity, let's just put it this way:
Sage, The Prosperous Goddess, is the Midlife Midwife to Your Soul's Rebirth!

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