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Finding a soulmate is an extremely popular goal for today’s singles. According to a recent national survey by the Gallup Organization, 94% of singles agreed that “When you marry, you want your spouse to be your soul mate, first and foremost.” And 88% agreed that “There is a special person, a soul mate, waiting for you somewhere out there.”

The term “soulmate” has become a buzzword devoid of real meaning. Let’s face it. The vast majority of relationships fail, and most people settle for less, just to settle down. So many of us have become jaded, hearts broken time and again, so we wonder if there really is such a thing as a person who is truly our spiritual complement or ultimate mate. And we’d rather be alone than be in another lousy relationship.

As you may know, I manifested my twin flame – the highest form of soulmate – 11 years ago, and I have a passion for helping people find their soulmates. At the end of this article, and on my websites, you will find many helpful resources for – finally! – succeeding in love. Read more

First, I want to dispel a few myths about soulmates in this article. Next, I will invite you to take a solid action step toward manifesting your soulmate this year because when we move from thought to word to action, when we step toward our desire, the Universe and God suddenly line it all up and our heart’s desire can be fulfilled.

Myths and Truths About Soulmate Love

1. “All relationships are hard work so I might as well stick with this one.”

Only people who are not with a harmonious soulmate use this as an excuse to stay in an unfulfilling, dead-end relationship. I always suggest couples counseling first before throwing in the towel, but if you’ve been together for years, and you see no progress, or your partner isn’t even willing to do therapy or do the homework, you need to let go. As you close that door, God will open a golden door to paradise for you! The first love you need to find is loving yourself and your life, taking some time to rediscover YOU.

When you are with a right soulmate, love does not hurt, there is waaaaaaaay more pleasure than pain, you do not push each other’s buttons and instead, you support each other in being who you truly came here to be. To paraphrase psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Leo Buscaglia, true love means finding an us without losing the me. In a lousy relationship, you lose yourself, but with a healthy, true soulmate, you find yourself, and see God in your beloved’s eyes. Relationship becomes a spiritual path, an essential part of your personal development and soul’s evolution.

2. “Soulmate shmoulmate. I’m not sure I believe in that.
It’s just some New Age fairy tale.”

You just haven’t found the right one yet! Speaking as someone who truly is, beyond a doubt, reunited with my soulmate, I know there is such a thing. I know that in your deepest heart, you still have a spark of hope, or you wouldn’t be reading this! However, I also believe one can be happy with more than one person; there is not a sole mate soulmate. And it is crucial to keep the concept of finding one’s soulmate in a practical context and to consider compatibility on many levels: Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. I know this: There is at least one soulmate on this planet right now with whom you can have an AMAZING relationship that is healthy, joyful, spiritual, passionate and full of love.

3. “I met my soulmate and we tried to be together
but it just didn’t work out. In fact, it was really painful.

This is a common misconception because there are actually three kinds of soulmates: karmic, kindred spirit, and twin flame (also called twin soul or divine complement) soulmates. Karmic soulmates hurt because you are trying (usually unsuccessfully and agonizingly) to transcend unfinished business from the past. So if you have been in that kind of relationship, where there was a very strong attraction that was beyond physical, that felt like a recognition and soul connection, yet someone was unavailable, emotionally withdrawn, unfaithful, married to someone else, etc., this is sure proof that was a karmic soulmate.

Solution? You need to get out of these relationships and heal and reprogram yourself at the energetic and subconscious level so you evolve to attracting a healthier, more harmonious kind of soulmate. I provide omnidimensional energy healing, hypnotherapy and Law of Attraction coaching sessions to help you do this quickly and successfully, aligning you with your highest love path.

The second kind of soulmate is the kindred spirit soulmate. These are wonderful, really fun, like a best friend and great team mate in life. Often these are also good lovers, and you can bond for life if you both work at nurturing the relationship to keep your love alive. I guarantee there are several kindred spirits incarnated right now, and, if you do enough inner work on yourself (more on this below) and use Law of Attraction methods at the quantum level, you can definitely attract and enjoy soulmate love with a kindred spirit, or, maybe even…

Your twin flame! This is your true “other half.” With twin flames, the spiritual connection is so strong, the compatibility so vast and deep, the partners always recognize one another immediately, often dream of each other before meeting physically, get along well 95% of the time or more, and are really almost like one person in two bodies. I can tell you that being with my twin flame is a blessing even greater than you can imagine.

So, ok, you ask, how do I find my soulmate?

I have more to share with you than I can fit in one article! So if you are serious about finding lasting soulmate love, please listen within your own heart and soul. If this resonates for you, contact me for one or more of my resources that can help you manifest the best soulmate for you.

The reunion of twin flames feels like coming home. I am blessed to experience, every day, this magnificent reunion in my marriage. Nearly every moment we are together, aloud or in our hearts, we thank God for bringing us together. People tell us we act like newlyweds, and it just keeps getting better after 11 years. Your twin flame is your ultimate mirror, inspiration, playmate, best friend, and teacher and will motivate you exponentially like a flaming catalyst of Light, to be who you really came here to be. Your career, prosperity, health, creativity will all improve with your twin flame. It’s true magic!

Being with your twin flame is the most precious gift life can ever give you. I would be honored and delighted to help you find your best soulmate.


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