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"I highly recommend Sage
because she and Archangel Michael
are an incredible team. "

"They have empowered me, they energize me, enlighten me and helped me manifest more miracles and blessings than I could have even imagined possible! I now have a great new job ($5,000 more every month), improved relationships, and SO much more happiness. I am steadily and very quickly creating my Dream Life with the help of Sage and Archangel Michael! What would happen in your life if that came true for you as well?"

~ Marija Strat, Sweden



"Waves of Wealth & Happiness!"

"Nothing will change your life faster than working with Sage and Archangel Michael!"

- Jessica Ventura



Dream Home & Business Launch...

"Sage, you and the angels helped me manifest and buy my Dream Home, and launch my business and I am just so happy and excited now, I just can’t say enough about what you and Archangel Michael do. Thank you!!!"

~ Lisa House





"I did Sage's Debt-Releasing Exercise on Day 27 of A3 and within 12 hours I got an email I was getting back-pay from a company I worked for that had gone out of business, so I was not expecting to get any money from them. My debt was $5812 and the miracle money is $5276! Money is raining down on me!


"Money, money, money - since I started the Angelic Abundance Activator program, I'm having my best month in YEARS - This month $15,000 and next month already I'm earning $10,000! WOW!

On top of all these money miracles, using some of the dreaming techniques in A3, last night I dreamed of my life purpose, clear as can be… My heart opened and I found my purpose. THE A3 PROGRAM IS AMAZING!"

~ Paul Theobold, Denver, CO




My life has changed so much since I started working with you, Sage.

Life before I found you was like running on the hamster wheel, unsatisfactory, riding the roller coaster of negative thoughts/ emotions and oblivious and untrusting of anything spiritual/ religious. I was unsure if God really existed or if you were really authentic or not. I felt disconnected from myself and from Spirit.


I overcame this doubt when you healed and removed the block from my crown chakra. Your readings are so accurate, it's unbelievable.

More evidence was brought to my attention that Spirit does exist through your channeling and intuition. Now, I am a lot more consistently joyful and positive. And I am steadily attracting more abundance into my life.

The one big thing I've learned from you, Sage, is everything is love and God loves us all unconditionally. I am immensely more grateful for everything that happens every single day. And I now really understand that everything is created by God therefore everything is Love.

The spiritual and personal growth you have helped me experience have been immeasurable and more than I could have dreamed possible. Thank you, Sage! I am so grateful to you and I thank Spirit for guiding me to you!

Daisy wants you to know:

Sage is loving and authentic. She IS love! She offers great healing, spiritual readings, teaching and coaching affordably for the incredible life-changing value you get. Sage is a great listener and has many resources to share to get what her clients need. She doesn't really treat her clients like clients but like friends and family.

She approaches any healing from the heart and helps her clients connect with their own Truth.

I was also blessed to personally witness an ANGEL appear at the end of a healing session with Sage! I am still in total awe of this.

Sage helped me discover my true calling: To serve as a Reiki healer for animals!

Sage and the angels working through her can help you get to a whole new level to create positive changes in your life."

~ Daisy Chen, RM, Animal Reiki Master






Thank you, Sage and Archangel Michael! Through your teachings not only have I found a deeper connection with my true self but also with Spirit on a whole new level. And this has empowered me to move forward with my life purpose as a healer and intuitive myself! Your teachings have been invaluable and I am so thankful Spirit guided me to you! I don't know how much of what makes you such a great teacher is Archangel Michael's fantastic wisdom (and humor!) and how much is your own but the two of you are an incredible teaching team, beyond description. Also, becoming a Reiki Master under your tutelage opened up a much deeper, more powerful connection with my own spirit guides and healing powers. You are sincere, incredibly intuitively gifted, loving, supportive, wonderfully approachable and make spiritual growth fun as well as life-changing. The divine messages you share are SO accurate and validating. I've been studying with you just a few months but what I've noticed already too is that I just can't stop smiling! I swear, I am smiling 10 times as much as before. Thank you so much!"

~ Michelle Rene Prince, California, USA



"If you have been feeling blocked around money, Sage's work gets to deep levels within your psyche that were keeping you from the purposeful prosperity that you deserve. I really enjoy her empowering meditation audios, in particular Aligning with Abundance, and use them whenever I need a prosperity consciousness attunement and an instant emotional lift. They really work!"

---Dr. Michelle Casto, http://www.Brightlightcoach.com





"I'm on Day 8 of Sage's Angelic Abundance Activator™ program and it's been AWESOME!! The results started showing up immediately.


On the second day, I was pleasantly surprised when the office manager of my solo law office told me we had received 2 checks from other lawyers amounting to over $7,600 for referrals! Not expected, no effort.

Then, also within days of starting the A3 course, I was meeting with another lawyer and he gave me a check for $14,866 for another case I didn't even remember giving him. WOW again! Over $22,000 in miracle money in just the first week of the Program!

I love the energy of the Aligning with Abundance™ meditation I am doing daily with A3, and I can feel it working on me on a deep level. I feel happier and more purposeful, I am amazed at all the money that has already showed up, and I can't wait to see what the next shifts are going to look like!

Namaste and Great Blessings to you!"

- Joseph Mitchell III




Sage's Healing and Teachings are truly a Divine Manifestation and Gift to help us to Align to our True Purpose and enJOY an Abundant, Vibrant Life. The Omnidimensional Healing Modality™ (OHM) she does and Aligning with Abundance™ are pure Magic!


Sage's generosity and abundance energy touch her clients so deeply that Transformation begins instantly, as you connect to her and her work because it truly transcends time and space. In just one healing session, not only did I gain immediate clarity and confidence, empowering me to successfully move forward with my life purpose and mission (even going back to school at my age!) but two relationships in my life were instantly healed as well!

And even though I am thousands of miles away, the power of the healing with Sage and Archangel Michael is so great, it is one of the most powerful healing experiences I have ever had. And the audios she makes are vibrant resources for continued self-healing.


The Angelic Abundance Activator™ is one of the best learning resources I have come across. The concept of Abundance now resonates in my depths because it is so mindful, heartfelt and soulful. This is the real thing - deeply transforming work and play....Inspiring me..... It keeps me glowing as the Light brightens up from within......

I am more successful in my career, more full of joy, love, peace and abundance. I think of the A3 program as my SPIRITUAL GROWTH HORMONE! Thank you, Sage!"

- Supriya Roy, Physician-Healer, India



"Sage's Aligning With Abundance MP3 is extremely powerful.

Right after I started listening to it, I had so many VIP clients sign up, I was totally sold out and I had my first $15,000 month. I highly recommend it!"

- Nathalie Chapron, www.youshineonstage.com





SAGE is an incredible intuitive abundance coach & spiritual teacher. Sage helped me clear out deep-seated blocks so I could become more abundant and succeed in business as never before.

I QUADRUPLED my clientele during the first 2 months, and my money and business just keep growing!


And I'm experiencing truly amazing spiritual and intuitive shifts!

Sage's course is not just a typical success program. It's a life-enhancing, complete system for transforming your relationship with yourself, money, and Spirit!

- Jolen Philbrook, CCHT, Transformation Coach




"...my average monthly income from my business has nearly quadrupled...

"I started listening to the Aligning With Abundance™ CD in late June 2010. I have continued to listen to it almost daily for several months. I have had a small astrology service business since early 2008 which had yielded some income but not what I'd been wanting.


Since using Sage's abundance audio regularly, my average monthly income from my business has nearly quadrupled with the increase experienced almost immediately. And I have a graph to prove it!

It's great to see work associated with my right livelihood yielding some positive and tangible results. The only explanation that I have for the sudden and consistent increase is monthly average income is that I started listening to Aligning with Abundance™ right at the time that the improvements began. I highly recommend listening to it and enjoying the relaxing meditation on your way to personal abundance!"



Rev. Christopher Robert Taylor
Modern Astrology for Conscious Living
(See graph below)

- Christopher Taylor




"Completing Sage's 40 days to Prosperity Consciousness™ has been a fire and a catalyst for me.


In 40 Days, Abundance Became My Truth and My Reality!"

As a busy full-time professional, time is of the essence. In the past this has been a huge barrier, as good intentions versus lack of time has meant that things had quickly fallen by the wayside with other programs.

The structured format of 40 Days to Prosperity Consciousness™ in A3 was perfect for me. For the first time, I was easily able to develop a routine of simple, yet highly effective daily practices around prosperity, spirituality & Law of Attraction.

During the 40 days, I consistently listened to Aligning With Abundance™ whilst I slept. This calmed me, centred me and opened up an ease and spaciousness in which new possibilities could emerge.

Sage's TelAtunements™ and beautiful Archangel Michael channellings expanded my healing and awakening even further.

I listened to Happy Money!™ in the car on my way to the office. This put me in a really POSITIVE state of mind to start the day. By the end of the 40 days, there had been such a shift that the affirmations, instead of being hollow words, had become my truth.

The biggest shift for me by far has been that, during the daily morning and night-time routines, I picked up my pen and started to write. Energy simply flowed through the pen and I was so AMAZED at what came out!

And ever since, the words have continued flowing. This course helped me clear out blocks so much, I started to write my own programmes.

In fact, with Sage's mentoring, I just launched my first business venture! The A3 program and 40 Days to Prosperity Consciousness™ was the bridge for me to joyfully step into my power and purpose. Thank you, beautiful goddess Sage!"

~ Dr. Claire Harvey, Psychologist, Creator of Flowing You, England




"INCREDIBLE PROGRAM-Channeling Beyond Words-You Changed My Life!"


"Sage, I am so happy to hear that you and Archangel Michael are going to travel, and I can't wait to meet you in England when you come to Europe to teach!

Everywhere is ready for you. Everywhere and every one needs to hear you two and your messages!

Your channelling is just beyond words. It is divine love and guidance beyond words as are you yourself. Sage, sometimes I just can't believe how lucky I am the day you came into my life. Yours and AAM's Telattunments have changed my life and I can never thank you enough, I am sooo grateful. You are a beautiful Angel, Sage, I feel your wings!

Your new programme. Angelic Abundance course is incredible and one we can do over and over. Thank you! I love it! Please feel free to use anything I ever say, as humble as it is, nothing I can say could ever give you the credit you deserve. God Bless you, Sage and your family."

Much love always,"

~ Christine Clement, Spain





Sage, I'm really loving your Aligning with Abundance audio! I have several binaural beat, meditation & hypnotherapy recordings of all sorts, and I know an excellent quality recording when I hear one!


I went to bed last night listening to it with my headphones on, and I had the most amazing lucid dreams of flying and being happy with my family.

I woke up feeling absolutely wonderful and ready to move forward. This morning my phone has been full of loving messages from potential clients interested in booking sessions with me, so the magnetism is working already.

I also really appreciate your writings about Law of Attraction because you are the one LOA teacher so far (and believe me, I have read a lot of the LOA material out there) who puts the LOA process into 3 manageable levels the way you do; so that a person a) can pinpoint exactly where they are at, and b) can pace themselves with their forward progress.

I am gladly shouting this out from the roof top, as our world needs this work pronto. Thank you so much, Sage! You are truly an Earth angel."

- Rev. Bola Animashaun, Nottingham, England



"The changes in my life from the Angelic Abundance Activator program are nothing short of miracles."

~ Janet Staackman




I have been searching and praying to discover my true destiny and right livelihood for more than 25 years. Finally, now I know who I really AM and what I came here to do and be! Thanks to your Aligning with Abundance audio every night and the beautiful Right Livelihood Prayer. My eyes were finally opened for me to see! Thank you so much, Sage!"

– Francois Sylvain




What did I love about the Angelic Abundance Activator program? Everything! The thoroughness of the entire course, the generosity of the teachings, and especially the power of the TelAttunements with Archangel Michael. The most unique nature of this course is that it is both PRACTICAL and SPIRITUAL. The depth of the program is truly mind-boggling. In just 40 days, I have deepened my self-love, gratitude, improved life balance, I’m more empowered, confident, positive, abundant, I have a greater sense of my self and my mission, and I feel more connected to my angels and Source. I will definitely be doing this program again and I highly recommend it to all spiritual people wanting more prosperity and joy in their lives. Thank you, Sage and Archangel Michael!"

~ Sue Gauthier, France



" Woweeeeeeeee!!!!

Just listened to the Money Magic, Money Miracles bonus class in A3! Confirmation! Wow! I was glued to my phone! I am SO GRATEFUL that I have this opportunity to be in this program. Abundance galore! I FOUND TREASURE! You, Dear Sage, are a tremendous blessing! It is an honor… With love,"

~ Amy Craft




Within weeks of starting Sage's program, I landed two new jobs. And I had been unemployed over a year so would I say this is making a difference? You bet! I now have the courage and vision to launch my heart-centered business! I highly recommend Sage's prosperity audios and programs to ANYONE AND EVERYONE wanting to get out of survival mode and into abundance."

~ Cynthia Starr Makhoul, HeartSpeak International




Shift happens! Changes happened very quickly for me once I started the program with Sage! I was broke and on the verge of despair but ready to make change when I found Sage and her amazing program.

I went from no work to two new jobs in the first week! I manifested $1,500 for past due repairs on my car in the second week. By the third, my bills were paid. Following Sage's recommendations for manifesting and attracting what I really want, in the fourth week I found a perfect apartment for my daughter and me, only a mile from work. The deals I got and the help I received in getting the apartment, my move and the speed of how it all happened blew me away.

To say that this has improved my life would be a massive understatement. Sage really helped me shift my patterns around money and prosperity without sacrificing my passion and purpose! I am remembering that prosperity is my right!

If you are ready to really improve your life, I highly recommend you sign up and get ready to experience YOUR shift and miracles of abundance!"

~ Cathy Breshears




Sage's program goes way beyond the other success and Law of Attraction programs out there. I have never felt so good and alive ever. I feel so strong and have an "I Can Do It!" Attitude about anything and everything.

If you had seen me just a few months ago I was in bed almost daily and very depressed. Healing and coaching sessions and Sage’s program, books and audios have helped me live my best life and I am loving it!


If you have any doubts about Sage and any of her abilities, I am here to tell you…Stop and ignore your doubt because she will show you how love yourself, be happy with yourself and live your Best Life for yourself. Sage teaches from the heart and is truly a gifted intuitive and spiritual teacher. I hope to take many, many classes with her. You can't find a better healer, coach, spiritual counselor or teacher anywhere. Thank you, Sage! I am so blessed to have found you!"

~ Terri Hohman



"Sage's healing work gets to the deep levels within your psyche that were keeping you from the purposeful prosperity that you deserve. I really enjoy her empowering meditation audios, in particular Aligning with Abundance, and use them whenever I need a prosperity consciousness attunement and an instant emotional lift. They really work!"

---Dr. Michelle Casto, http://www.Brightlightcoach.com




I experienced an Omnidimensional Healing/Soul Family Reunion session with Sage (Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard) during the past week and want to say how amazing and wonderful her work is! I felt so wonderful, peaceful, and clear while doing an intuitively guided vision/imagery, which was combined with powerful energy and soulwork. And her prayers were so heart-felt and sweet, they brought in so much love, light, and positive energy I could really feel it. It is difficult to put into words, the details of the experience. Suffice to say Sage has done her work and is able to harness a lot of light and power to do what she does! And I have felt so happy and full of light and even had an amazing spiritual dream that I know was a result of this incredible healing session. Suffice to say, Sage has done her work, and as a highly gifted intuitive, she is able to harness so much light and power in the healing she does! I highly recommend private healing sessions with Sage if you want to move energy and create a real shift in your life quickly and deeply. I feel so much more connected to my Higher Self now. A sense of peace and knowing fills my being more so every day. Thank you so much, my dear soul sister!

~ Sage Judy Key Dakota




"The TelAttunement™ with Archangel Michael through Sage was incredibly powerful and emotional for me. When I started to write (as invited by Michael), I went into trance and words started flowing onto the page. The handwriting changed dramatically - really large letters. Some words stand out, others are unrecognizable now. Some of the words that the TelAttunement™ opened me up to receive included: 'To love myself fully; to be in light and prosperity; to be deeply committed to me; to receive me fully to honour me; wholly fully prosperity now; abundance, joy, gratitude, love!'

"And I am sharing these words of Light, that are truly gifts, with my some of my friends and am guided to share them with you now. I truly see that this incredible experience was a gift from my future self and from Archangel Michael. I am new in Sage's Prosperous Goddess program and the power of all this totally surprised me so I'm still letting the whole experience sink in. Thank you, Archangel Michael and thank you, Sage for being his voice in this way. It's amazing!"

Love and Blessings,

~ Claire L'Orraine, England



"TelAttunements™ rock! In a paradigm-shattering, shifting and uplifting; love radiating; peaceful-feeling bringing awesome kind of way! ♥"

~ Stephanie Pannell, South Carolina





I had the privilege of receiving a PsyCAM (Psychic Chakra Aura Map) with Sage this fall as a VIP Gold Wing student in Higher Consciousness Level I. By reading the description in Sage website, it did not seem like a regular reading, astrology or horoscope thingy. The PsyCAM in my opinion is a deep aura X-Ray. Here in Singapore, we have a CT-Scan which is a much more in depth X-Ray that penetrates through the physical body to detect any illness which most other scans are not able to. PsyCAM is similar to that because it scans and penetrates all the way to the spiritual plane of the person.

This half day session started with checking in and a healing prayer, which was beautiful. Then it took about an hour for Sage to complete the PsyCAM results. She told me it may take like 35-40 minutes, during which time she intuitively scans my whole aura, drawing the color picture of my spiritual plane and writing down channeled information. I was starting to wonder why it was taking longer, worrying, is there something really wrong with me? And the first question she asked when we got back on the phone was ‘Were you stressed’? (She must have sensed it.) Then to my relief and surprise, she told me my PsyCAM is one of the most amazing ever ever ever out of thousands! I was speechless.

A lot of interesting facts were revealed. In the PsyCAM , the angels and guides actually tell me where I am in terms of my spiritual, physical and etheric plane. In-depth explanation on the status of aura, chakras, how my body feels, where the attention is needed, which spiritual guides I am being blessed with and addresses my concerns (soul questions) in life.

And very specially, it ends with a channeled message from the Angels. I have seen channelled messages in Sage’s HC courses and other places. But here there is one specially created just for me, revealing what I need to know now and do in my life. Such as, I do not belong to this Earth and I am not from this galaxy at all.

In year 2014, I was asked to do writing by my Higher Self and it is extremely important that it goes out on a timely manner to those who are interested. It was said that I was able to do it and not be too concerned or worried about it. (I had not told Sage that.) And in PsyCAM the angels validated this. During the PsyCAM channelled message, I was being reminded and the angels reiterated on the importance and the reason behind it. That my writing is going to heal and bless people and the world and the expectation increased to write once a week instead of once or twice a month. And the angels repeatedly told Sage that I am writer.

I'd been writing but never really BELIEVED in myself fully as a writer or fully knew the purpose of it. In 2014 I began to believe in myself more after I got validation from a Canadian teacher. But now with the angels confirming this via Sage and PsyCAM, I believe in myself even more as a writer! It's one thing to get validated from another person and another to get validated directly by the angels! So now I am excited about my purpose.

A lot of other critical information was provided in PsyCAM, for example, my right palm chakra was blocked.(another validation as I knew my right was blocked). If the palm is blocked, healing work I do is not that effective and I remember Sage saying in one her chakra classes if the chakra in palm is blocked, it would hinder a person from their true life path. I got more good news that I did not have to do many healings to follow up (less than average). It was said my hara line is 100% straight which is rare according to Sage. And my position (spirit body posture) in the spiritual plane is extremely unique. Below is a picture of it.

The PsyCAM map is AMAZING – very accurate and unique for each person. I have not come across ANY other reading like this, and because of the in-depth analysis and the channeling, it takes intuitive readings to a whole new level.

I recommend this to anyone who is in need of answers, lost in life, who has serious problems in life, or illness. Even if one does not have these issues, it is still good to know in-depth information that helps one to understand themselves, know their life purpose, and if in alignment to their soul and how one can achieve the ultimate goal of life and make the best out of life on this Planet Earth. I used to think the price was expensive. But now I believe the value makes it well worth the price. Besides, I believe when I give I will receive too. My PsyCAM and spiritual/energetic healings from Sage and the angels have answered questions I have been asking and also helped me to clear the blockages so I can receive divine message more clearly.

I am so thankful that my life path is now smooth to perform my mission in life. After my PsyCAM, I said to Sage: ‘I want to fly higher and wider!’ Thank you, Sage and all the angels! - Kalai Kalimuthan, Singapore

This is the actual PsyCAM drawing
of Kalai's aura from her Accelerated PsyCAM.
This is 1 of 7 total pages of channeled information
which also included soul tribes, spirit guides,
love, ideal healing colors and practices,

mantra, channeling from the angels & more.



"I had such a wonderful PsyCAM™ session with Sage on Saturday! The channeled information is validating, revealing, highly inspirational and full of great suggestions that are detailed and immediately do-able all at the same time!


I drove 5 hours just to experience this in person, and it totally exceeded my expectations. Since the PsyCAM™ VIP Day, I've been doing Sage's Self-Love meditation and have been receiving reinforcing messages to love myself more! The result so far? I feel more balanced, more energetic and more than ready to have joyful experience undertaking these steps towards achieving my Divine Mission - all with ease and grace. I highly recommend a PsyCAM™ VIP Day with Sage!

~ Rebecca Chang



"Heartfelt thanks to Sage, Archangel Michael and all the other guides who showed up for my PSYCAM™ session!

I felt so very loved, nourished, supported, understood, validated, "seen," cherished, empowered and liberated throughout the day. And I felt such love and release during the channeled-especially-for-me prayer. I was actually moved to tears a few times during Sage's special prayer.


It feels wonderful beyond words to now have a map and picture of where I was on April 6, 2012 and what a much "Higher" possibility is for me, along with knowledge of and a feeling of connection with new loving supportive guides. I now have divinely inspired action steps to move me more and more to progressively Lighter and Brighter possibilities!

I now feel more faith and trust in my ability (with assistance, of course!) to create the life of my dreams! Thank you, Sage and AA Michael!"

~ Stephanie Pannell



"A PsyCAM™ VIP Day is an experience like nothing else. It covers everything! Your PsyCAM™ will shine light on all your blocks and areas you still need to shift. Sage’s accuracy is incredible. And you will use the guidance you get for a long time.

And the specific channeled messages Sage provides from AAMichael and other guides are life-changing. I have changed so much since working with Sage and getting the Omndimensional Healing™ and Coaching as a VIP client. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Seeing how my PsyCAM™ changed over time was incredibly validating! And I can feel the results myself. I’ve grown so much with Sage’s help, I can’t even put it into words. I spend more time on self-love now, and I really get that I deserve to feel happy! I take better care of myself, I allow myself - and schedule - the time to take walks and feel the sun on my face, be in nature, I even hug trees!

And I like myself! I don’t think I could have even said that before. I had so much crap, baggage, that probably wasn’t even mine. The healings helped me set myself free from all of that!

And my spiritual development has been amazing. I now meditate twice a day now and tune in to Spirit. My intuition is much stronger, too. [One of Sandi's Omnidimensional Healings™ was specifically to open her Third Eye.]

At the PsyCAM™ and healing & coaching, I gained so much clarity about my business, being in the right direction, and how to fulfill my purpose, that was huge for me.

The 1:1 business coaching with Sage is unbelievable.

Sage helped me take my website to a whole new level... so I can charge what I’m worth and really get out there and succeed with my business and help the people I came here to serve.

Sage is a truly gifted, wise, loving and empowering intuitive, mentor, healer and coach and working with her 1:1 will be one of the best choices you ever make." ~ Sandra Cherry, www.financialadvocatesforseniors.com



"The PsyCAM™ VIP Day with Sage helps you really figure out what has been going on energetically for you and what you can do about it so you can move forward with your life!

Sage's aura drawing is amazing, and her channeling really helped me get clarity on my right path.

There is no other reading or intuitive experience anything like this and it was worth every penny.

I am so glad I treated myself to this! And I'm also really looking forward to my Omnidimensional Healing™! Sage can help you understand & empower yourself more than you can even imagine."

~ Yvette Broussal



"Sage conducted a PsyCAM™ session with me and I was amazed by her insight and moved by the love that pours out of her heart and permeates everything that she writes and says. Her prayers are beyond beautiful and her knowledge about what my body, mind, and spirit need to heal and flourish deeply resonated with me. I would highly recommend the PsyCAM™ session to ANYONE....no matter how healthy they think they are. The extra knowledge about why you are, who you are, and where you are going is empowering in such a positive and safe way. I am deeply grateful to Sage and the precious gifts she shared with me."

~ Dr. Lori Siemens



"I have had many, many kinds of healing treatments in my six decades of life, and I have never, ever experienced anything like this! Sage, I don't know how you did it, but somehow you reconnected me with my inner joy! I never thought I could feel this good again. Talk about a shift. You are amazing! Wow!"

~ Bonnie H.



"Oh my goodness. (sigh) Ahhhh.... I am in total bliss! You two are amazing. Awesome! That was INCREDIBLE! Wow. What else can I say? Wow."

~ J. D. after a Yin-Yang HypnoReikissage treatment with Sage and her twin-flame soulmate husband, Mark



"I am writing to highly recommend Sage as an intuitive, healer, hypnotherapist and spiritual teacher.

I've seen Sage's connection with Spirit firsthand in many ways. Her Chakra Map readings are amazing! She is the real deal! I met Sage serendipitously and decided to have a Chakra reading. She clearly "hit" on two major areas of my life she had no foreknowledge of: One of a spiritual nature concerning angels, and the other a business venture. These two readings gave me comfort that I was being cared for and guided by my spiritual helpers (or Spirit) to Sage and to trust the process and Sage's intuitive insights. From there, I worked with Sage in private sessions and workshops. Sage helped me prepare for surgery with individualized hypnotherapy sessions and personalized CDs to help me in my pre- and post-op period. The guided imagery incorporated my personal beliefs and supported my self-healing, and I felt calm before my surgery and able to return home without the usual complications. Sage also performs a unique form of Hypno-Reiki which I enjoyed and which I felt moved powerful healing energy, and is also helping me deepen my self-love. I can personally attest to Sage's medical intuitive ability. On a second Chakra/body scan, Sage intuitively picked up on a cyst on my ovary. The ultrasound performed later showed exactly that. The doctor told me, just as Sage said, that it was small and would go away by itself.

I then hired Sage to do a house clearing. She evaluated our property, indoors and outdoors, using psychic Feng Shui-related principles and her intuitiveness. She did a house clearing for us, releasing three spirits to the Light, and things seem brighter and more positive now.

I also absolutely love Sage's 'Heart Light Meditation' and 'Unconditional Self Love' CD. I can feel the heart love as I connect to Spirit. And her "Happy Money" CD is allowing me to break down barriers as I learn to allow more abundance to flow to me. I'm thankful for these tools in my life!

Finally, I've so enjoyed Sage's intuitive classes and many workshops and have learned how to be more intuitive. Recently, I was deLIGHTed to discover that I could psychically see a great burst of white light in Sage's aura at the very moment when Archangel Michael came into her (unbeknownst to me when I saw the Light). It felt so good to have that experience and get that validation so I can trust my own spiritual vision more. I can highly recommend training with Sage for anyone wanting to become more clairvoyant and intuitive and learn about the chakras and energy mastery.

I'm so glad to have met someone who receives intuitive messages that resonate in me, a real psychic with heart who empowers her clients and individually tailors her sessions according to how Spirit guides her, and is a wonderful and inspirational teacher. Thank you, Sage!"

~ Kathy



"I used to have a running commentary in my head almost constantly. After my hypnosis session with Sage and listening to the recording of it daily for a month, I can silence my mind at will and just be aware in the present moment. It really is a great improvement in my life"

~ Daniel M.



"You helped me manifest a
wonderful new partner!"

~ L. Owens



"Sage Kingsley is everything you could want in a healer or therapist. Intuitive, really open to her higher guidance, she has so many healing tools. She's one of my angels!"

~ Ruth Shore



"Sage's work is a miracle! My first session, we worked on weight loss and food issues. Immediately, the extra weight began coming off without my even trying! Other sessions helped me prepare for and quickly recover from surgery, improve my lovelife, increase my income and strengthen my meditation practice. In every case, the results were even better than I could have hoped for! My entire life has dramatically improved with Sage's help. I have already referred several people to her and continue to recommend her highly."

~ Mary E. Young



"I have felt absolutely radiant since my healing session with Sage Kingsley. I feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and head. My joy is back! Sessions with Sage have improved my health, my success at work, and my relationships. Thank you!"

~ Elaine Ginnold



""Your intuitive reading and healing session has totally transformed my relationship with my body. I feel much better. And now I know how to stay healthy! It also changed my relationship with my ex. We are now having really good talks for the first time, being kind to each other. Sage, I can't thank you enough.""

~ Debbie Hoff



"Everything you said really resonated for me. My lower back already feels a lot better."

~ Scott Hausler



"Sage (Sage Kingsley) is a true healer."

~ Gwen Ferguson, Hahnemann Homeopathic Pharmacy



""Sage is the real thing. Through her angel, Goddess and animal wisdom, she has truly catalyzed my spiritual path. She helped me open my Third Eye, and advised me to attend the event where I met my new girlfriend! Sage channels Spirit for the exact messages I need to hear. And she has helped me become a psychic shaman and spiritual teacher myself!""

~ Geoffrey Shmuel Cohen, Jerusalem, Israel and Eugene, OR



"I successfully quit smoking after only 1 session with Sage."

~ Gracie MacKenzie



"I can't believe how much this has helped me so quickly. The depression and eating disorder are totally gone! I had two hypnosis sessions and one Reiki energy healing session with Sage Kingsley. Wow. I used to have intense urges to eat. Now I'm relaxed and not focusing on food. I'm focused on more important things - life! My clothes are fitting better and I feel great. I feel better about my body, myself and life. Sage, you are awesome.
Thank you so much!

~ Sarah Ely, age 18



"I had three hypnotherapy sessions with Sage Kingsley and I feel wonderful. I've already lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks. I'm enjoying my exercise so much more, I just feel naturally like moving more. This is helping me really show up for myself. I want other women to know: You can really make a deep, positive change easily and with very little time and effort. It gets easier and easier the more I do my homelove (homework). I'm listening to my own body and my intuition more, and acting from that awareness. I'm making healthier choices. And I feel really nourished, not only my body but my spirit feels lighter as I drop the extra weight and all its baggage. Sage gave me the tools and the jumpstart to really get back in tune with my heart and love myself - and life -- so much more.

~ Teresa Allen



"Sage is a true shaman. I know she is here on this planet to share her teaching and healing gifts.
I recommend her highly."

~ Dr. R. Richman, Alameda Holistic Institute



"The past life regression journey lovingly done by Sage Kingsley has opened many spiritual doors for me. I must admit it took a lot of courage to find out who I was in a past life. Learning of this person and how she died has explained much of my life, fears. I was able to help her spirit move on, while I graciously received a part of myself I did not even know was missing. As I solve the mysteries of me, I am finding it easier to piece it together. This new part of myself is stronger, more confident, and empowered.
This journey was extremely crucial to my spiritual growth and healing."

~ Maureen Morales



"These healing sessions catalyzed profound change in all areas of my life. The 1:1 sessions and love course with Sage Kingsley have opened me up to new levels of blessings from the universe."

~ Rob Katz



"Sage is a born healer! For years I was haunted by a particular disturbing image of a spiritual nature.
Sage led me in a guided meditation that banished the image for good!"

~ Barbara Saunders



You helped me overcome a lifelong eating disorder -- and become truly in love with life! Thank you, Sage!"

~ Alice Mohr



"This past-life regression was amazing -- one of the most powerful spiritual experiences of my life. In fact, it has so changed me, I am making a film based on it!"

~ Ryan Loiselle



"The power of Sage's work is so incredible I can hardly put it into words.
I arrived in a deep depression, grieving, and feeling like I couldn't go on. By the end of that session, I was crying tears of joy and declaring 'I've got my joy back!' Sage also taught me how to continue the healing on my own with a heart meditation which I still use regularly. Her work gave me peace, 100%, a lasting inner peace that is totally real. I am still feeling so full of love -- and it's been a year since my last session."

~ Sandra Reed




Sage, I love your Meditation class. I wish I could take it everyday. You are a true healer. I felt peace and healing in your class last night -- what I haven't felt for over two years since post-Polio Syndrome hit me.
With your help and guidance, I have been able to withstand and cope with the after effects of polio and the problems that are part of dealing with a life-challenging illness. To me, you demonstrate a good grasp of that which you teach! You have instilled in me a courage I thought I didn't have. I am grateful for you! I recommend you highly."

~ Carolyn Golden



"I have made a profound shift from 'sort of' loving myself to undeniably & completely loving myself. I will never, ever again doubt myself or not accept myself for being anything less than a magnificent, lovable human being! LoveLife! helped me heal childhood sexual abuse, issues with food, my relationships with family members, and manifest a wonderful new career -- and my sacred partner! To say this course changed my life would be an immense understatement. This program was AMAZING."

~ Mary E. Young



"Because of your work, I married the man of my dreams. Thank you!"

~ Amy Titherington



"This course far exceeded my expectations. I fell in love with my true self!
The sincere, loving energy was wonderful and nurturing. You are a true Sage!"

~ Shannon Nelson



"Since taking the LoveLife! program, my heart is more open. I love that this program was so experiential and holistic.. My relationships with myself and with my partner have improved, and I am much more creative and comfortable with my sexual energy. I highly recommend this program."

~ Rob Katz



"Your program helped me grow so much! I learned techniques for loving myself more, grounding, releasing, manifesting, being aware of the spirit forces that coexist with me. I gained valuable tools for my toolbox of life. Awareness, gratitude, and connecting with Nature. Also a sense of tuning myself up, recalibrating, bringing my vibration into a more positive space, and quieting the self-deprecating thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, how to say YES! and experience love and the inner flow. I am very grateful. You do fabulous work, fabulous play.
I highly recommend this program. Amazing work.
Woman warrior teacher, I thank you dearly. Keep going! The world needs you. xx's"

~ Claire Savage



"You taught me the true meaning of 'sage,' what a real teacher can be. There are so many false teachers out there! Real spiritual teaching comes from the heart; it's not about ego, it's about showing your own vulnerability and still being empowered to help others empower themselves. And I thank you for that."

~ Sarah D.



"It is with great enthusiasm that I tell you about Sage's work as a healer and teacher. Sage is very effective at what she does for several reasons. Sage has a large pool of knowledge and experience; . . . and she intuitively "checks in" with the person to see what they are ready to work on. Sage also has the ability to command the necessary energy to facilitate a healing. Most importantly, Sage has 'done her homework.' It is true that for a healer to be effective, they must first be transmuted through their own spiritual fire, so to speak, and Sage's work reflects this transmutation. . . . She is able to support her clients and students in their growth because she knows when to step out of the way and when to advise. Sage facilitated a soul retrieval for me and the first session was transformational. Her suggestions for self-guided follow-up exercises have also proven invaluable. I have seen Sage lead meditations and groups, facilitate healings, and perform rituals of several modalities. Always, Sage's work is imbued with love, courage, and strength of spirit.

When going into spiritual battle, Sage Kingsley is definitely one healer I want at my side."

~ Sage Laughing Eagle Dakota, Therapist



"I heartily recommend Ms. Sage Kingsley for groups desiring meditation instruction. She led a group of 14 people through a series of meditations at our annual retreat at the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology division. The session was warmly received by everyone. She was professional, sensitive, calm and soothing. The meditation retreat was felt to be quite valuable and stimulated everyone's interest in meditation as a healing tool."

~ Stacy Month, MD, Kaiser Permanente



"Sage Kingsley developed and taught a series of bimonthly Meditation for Busy People classes through the Kaiser Permanente Allergy Department in Oakland for two years. Patients learned different styles of meditation to improve their health. We sincerely appreciate her contribution to our program."

~ Mira Kaplan, MD, Kaiser Permanente



"We have attended meditation classes presented by Sage Kingsley in the Allergy Department of the Oakland Kaiser Medical Center for several years. We continue to be impressed by the depth and breadth of her knowledge about a variety of meditation techniques. In a very short time, she is able to clearly explain how to approach meditation involving both movement and mindfulness. In addition, we have been impressed with her gentle manner and her sincerity. When we spend time learning and doing meditation under the loving guidance of Sage Kingsley, we come away refreshed and relaxed, even after very challenging days at work."

~ Harvey Kayman, MD, MPH and Susan Kayman, RD, DrPH




It's the first time that I could follow a webcast summit… waow it was incredible… amazing and so powerful..
Everyday the exchange was so good.. I had the chance to listen to people that I didn't know..listen to their own experiences..the
share was coming from the Heart from the Soul.. the lived Experiences were grateful..
The panel format was the Best.. Bravo.. Laughs were welcome every time knowing that they Let the Light In..
so much opportunity to learn more… Phrases are still coming and going in my head….
We remembered who we Are..Chakras opened and danced …
we were so lucky to be gifted with all your presents..
Mark's beautiful Art, Chakra Body Booster and all the extras with The Accelerator.
Next year I'll not miss you..

~ Ana, Paris, France angeanah@yahoo.fr



The Heart of 2012 Chakra Global Telesummit has filled my days with new friends and wonderful inspiration. 'Meeting' Sage on-line has felt like a heart-warming reunion with a joyful soul sister! The speakers each day have woven a beautiful tapestry, bringing 3 unique and refreshing perspectives on each chakra. Their abundant offers are generous and life-changing, so the fun continues! There are hundreds of 'free' telesummits and webinars coming through my inbox every day which can be overwhelming at times…. I'm glad I chose this one!!


~ Linda Rosenthal
Author, 'The 7 Charka Sisters – A Mythical Tale of EnlightenUPment'
(Hampton Roads Publishing- Spring 2013)



this is so beautiful what u have offered us..
for our growth and extended guidance.
all the authors, teachers---are awesome.!.
the both of u----beautiful!!!!!
getting together for this -for us to hear all in a month
wonderful……this- at this time in our lives
was so needed as we- earth - are going through
such energy changes……..
i thanku u all -with all my heart and soul….
u are so appreciated…..
with love and light,

~ Nadia




Hi Sage! An update for you from South Africa. Wow, where do I start! Things are starting to manifest now so quickly, it’s unreal!

This week ever since receiving the picture you sent me (of the shelter and my name on your altar) and your blessing, donations of food and clothes and money are pouring in, and the homeless shelter is getting so much exposure now!! Even my own handwriting analysis business is taking off.

This is nothing short of a miracle of manifestation! Blankets. Cooked beef stew with vegetables. Funds.

On Monday, I received a phone call from a big company and they are offering assistance in whatever is needed!! I have been receiving mails from as far as the Netherlands with people opening their hearts and sending many blessings.

All of this out of the blue! I had a well wisher drop of a few thousand rands worth of groceries. This came in the knick of time as the shelter stores were empty and people were going to have to go to bed hungry that very evening. Another well wisher is dropping off a huge parcel of baby clothes, blankets and other wooly stuff.

So the long and short of it, Sage, is you really and truly are the Goddess of prosperity.

As there is no other way something like this of a profound nature such as this is could be happening. It’s just mind boggling!!!

They have been struggling at the shelter for months now and in one week, just one week, all of the above happened? This is the real deal, dear Genie of light!!! You are the princess of manifestation!!!

Believe me, Sage, your table is laid in heaven.

Many many many heartfelt thanks and gratitude from our hearts to yours.

~ Dr. Brian Faul, George, South Africa
Crossroads homeless shelter and recovery centre




Archangel Michael Channel SAGE is an Intuitive Abundance, Life Purpose & Business Acceleration Coach, internationally acclaimed author, spiritual teacher and dynamic speaker specializing in helping Lightworkers and women make more money by making a much bigger difference (and vice-versa!).

The creatrix of the “Prosperous Goddess” program, Sage has helped thousands worldwide leap into more joy, more love, more freedom and more abundance.

Sage speaking at Peak Potentials’ “All Your Relations” seminar, helping 930 people deepen their self-love.

SAGE’s first book, The Radical Self-Love Workbook, is now in 9 countries. SAGE has been featured at many venues including radio, television and has shared the stage with T. Harv Eker and Marianne Williamson at Peak Potentials. Sage is also a clinical hypnotherapist, Third-Degree Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, ordained interfaith minister, mystic poet, and soul healer via Intuitive Angelic Miracle Healing (I AM Healing™) & Omnidimensional Healing Modality™ (OHM), both of which were channeled through her. She is currently the ONLY provider of these exponentially powerful healing methods on the planet.

She has been repeatedly accused of being a transformation CATALYST who will stop at nothing to help her clients get clear and in gear for their best lives - their blessed lives, so frankly, you should only work with her if you are ready to move some energy and get unstuck FAST! (You have been warned ☺)

Sage is also the creator/channel for the PsyCAM™ - Psychic Chakra Aura Map, the comprehensive soul intuitive reading that is a clear, empowering blueprint for improving every area of your life, as well as the Aligning with Abundance™ reprogramming audio. After overcoming bankruptcy, disability and homelessness, SAGE joyfully earns six figures doing what she loves while enjoying her 2 children, her Husky rescue dog, and an indescribably wonderful marriage with her Twin Flame soulmate near Sacramento, CA.

Look, let's save you some time. SAGE's credentials can go on for pages and pages, so... Since she and AAM are known more for levity than brevity, let's just put it this way:
Sage, The Prosperous Goddess, is the Midlife Midwife to Your Soul's Rebirth!

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